Irish Artist Poppy Melia in her studio in Ireland

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“ I love these - such originality in the designs but not at the expense of botanical accuracy.”

Kathy Pickles

“I like your style, between Art Deco and Marianne North! And there is also a bit of Orient in the style of your work.”

Luca Massenzio Palermo

“Just absolutely wonderful! Delightful attention to detail yet stylized and rhythmical in design!”

Linda Warner Constantino

“Your work is so fresh and original! I think your work is without comparison, (I) keep coming back to look at your beautiful pictures!”

Marianne Grundy van Es

“ Your artwork is incredible.”

Shevaun Doherty

"The Artist Poppy Melia presents ‘seeing’ as craft in her intimately detailed paintings. On quick viewing of any one of her works one could be forgiven for missing the mystery within these exquisite representations.
We are humbly asked to ‘see’ and not just ‘look’ at what is patiently accomplished. Schools of craft come to mind from ancient traditions as well as that of pointillism, precision and faithful observation are presented then uniquely styled. This is the art of contemplation. The canvas as journey into awareness.
On the surface the paintings are lyrical, harmonious, and beautiful to look at. But there is another surface where her art requests the viewer to truly engage and witness details in coalescence. A scriptural quote comes to mind ‘you have eyes, but you cannot see’ what does this mean? I believe Poppy’s work possesses subtle power and insight, assiduously crafted, her art is giving and receiving. Inviting the observer into the realms and rewards of a consummate technique."

Patrick O' Neil